Muchima Waluwi (Lunda) “Heart of Mercy”, came up in memory of Mrs. Linda Grace M. Kamalamba, MHSRIP, is a private organization that helps elderly people in rural areas, mostly widows and vulnerable children who cannot afford to go to school due to lack of means.

The name of the Organization “Muchima Waluwi” was her dream, a vision she pursued towards the end of her life in 2017. In fact, the aim of the “MUCHIMA WALUWI” is to help and sustain the rural area’s inhabitants, widows and widowers, churches, and their leaders who cannot support themselves.

Why Only Rural Areas?

We thought of rural areas because there, there are people who are suffering and can easily value the little gift we can give them. Imagine you do a gift to someone who has a family that can provide everything for them, if it’s a wrapper, for example, they can’t value it because their family members can afford even 4 wrappers. But these people in rural areas, are helpless.
Children are going to school barefooted, with torn clothes, no school books, whilst in town, their fellow kids change uniforms even 3 times a week, they change school bags every month, they give them pocket money and travel for school outing while we are in the same country.

We will be focusing on these 4 big points;

  1. Widows And Elderly Vulnerable
  2. BRUCH-Z (Building Rural Churches in Zambia)
  3. Back-To-School Drive
  4. Testimonies

Download the MUCHIMA WALUWI FORM here Fill it and send it back via email or WhatsApp