Children Support

In Zambia, and especially in rural areas, children experience significant difficulties in their school career, as some of them cross miles overnight to take lessons, and this for years. Among them, those who have no means, spend their time in fieldwork while the others learn how to read and solve mathematics.


These are very victims of the fact that the journey that their friends travel is very long, added to this, the lack of the means to allow them to afford the wheels, or rickshaws, it is a problem for them.
This is why MUCHIMA WALUWI has thought of them while trying to put in place the means that can allow them to reach the classroom.
We obviously need your help so that we can finally succeed in this mission.
This is a voluntary walk to assist the vulnerable children from the rural village with books and school bag to set back to school.
Education is the reflection of society and the seed of financial turn of events. It changes individuals from obliviousness to edification, from shades of social backwardness to social improvement light, and a country from underdevelopment to quicker friendly and financial development. In rural development, schooling, financial development, physical and social framework assume a significant part.

Building a way out of destitution with backpacks

Did you know: One out of each four Bay Area youngsters presently lives beneath the destitution (poverty) line? Overall, effectively two years behind their friends in reading and math.
The value kids pay for their families’ monetary circumstance sabotages their schooling in some ways, as well. It destabilizes their confidence and certainty and can make passionate injury and private matters that contrarily influence execution in school and beyond.
“Education is the way to open the brilliant entryway of opportunity.”
Georg Washington Carver

The need is incredible!

In spite of the fact that you wouldn’t know it, invigorated the financial of Silicon Valley and the obvious indications of extraordinary abundance in general, a huge number of understudy party day in and day out of endurance.
Supporting creative associations that motivate children to peruse regardless of where they are is what we look at.

Importance Of Rural Education

Education has an alluring authority over provincial individual, family, local area, and society advancement, prompting neediness decrease, pay value, and controlled joblessness. Schooling assumes a vital part in supply, creation, promoting, staff support, instruction, medical services, and administration frameworks in rustic zones.
Education capacities incorporate achieving social change, improving individual societal position and expectations for everyday comforts, initiating investment in rustic and social development, expanding country individuals’ basic capacity to analyze their requirements, stating their privileges and assuming more noteworthy responsibility for choices influencing their lives, giving talented work in provincial territories, connecting provincial and metropolitan regions.


A little different from widowers, widows are so numerous that we cannot all count and identify in the world just like here in Zambia.
In Zambia, in urban areas as well as in rural areas, we have widows who need support.
But our target is the rural environment, where support for the latter is far from being maintained. We believe that in these settings where people are unable to access adequate medical care, and especially in our country in Zambia, we have few Non-Governmental Organizations, it is very difficult to see widows being taken to the task either by the government or by individuals.
Mr. ABRAHAM, who has also been a widower since 2017, understands the situation that widows, as well as widowers, go through, which is why he came up with this idea to support both in different ways.
This consists in offering them loincloths, soap, oil, salt, and other goods God gives us.
We don’t have enough, we don’t have funders, but we force ourselves to share what little we find. As we keep saying, “Help comes from the will of the heart, and not from the abundance of goods.”


These people experience difficulties especially in restricted environments because the others have their children, grandchildren and other family members to take care of. It is a problem, especially in Africa, when someone has a child, after weaning, they take them to the grandparents. Even if the grandfather dies, they don’t think about unloading the grandmother. Sometimes also the grandparents do not want to let go of their grandchildren, because according to an interview carried out by our editorial staff, the reason is that the grandchildren are a consolation for them (widows).

MUCHIMA WALUWI thinks of comforting them in several ways while appealing to men and women of goodwill to join us in trying to put a smile on their lips.
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Sometimes people don’t talk about men who lost their wives, but the focus is mostly on women who have lost their husbands in both understandable and inexplicable situations.
It’s always death no matter what. And everyone knows what the death of a loved one does, the hole that the deceased leaves for the living after death, no one can fill it.
All over the world, men are also victims of the loss of their wives, they feel the same pain as women, although they handle the situation with enough difference from a woman.
This is how you will find that after the death of a spouse, the widower remains paralyzed, traumatized, and stressed. It is a normal fact. However, if the deceased left small children who still needed maternal love and care, the widowers suffer mentally. They need our love and support.
MUCHIMA WALUWI thinks of comforting them in several ways while appealing to men and women of goodwill to join us in trying to put a smile on their lips.
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