Sometimes people don’t talk about men who lost their wives, but the focus is mostly on women who have lost their husbands in both understandable and inexplicable situations.
It’s always death no matter what. And everyone knows what the death of a loved one does, the hole that the deceased leaves for the living after death, no one can fill it.
All over the world, men are also victims of the loss of their wives, they feel the same pain as women, although they handle the situation with enough difference from a woman.
This is how you will find that after the death of a spouse, the widower remains paralyzed, traumatized, and stressed. It is a normal fact. However, if the deceased left small children who still needed maternal love and care, the widowers suffer mentally. They need our love and support.
MUCHIMA WALUWI thinks of comforting them in several ways while appealing to men and women of goodwill to join us in trying to put a smile on their lips.
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